EII Agenda Test

Our Core Policy Agenda is aimed at achieving growth and innovation in a Progressive way, and should be considered in the context of an overall balanced approach towards fiscal responsibility. It is a starting point that has evolved through discussions with thought and policy leaders recognizing that some of our proposed initiatives require direct government investment. We understand that creating new industries with a long-term future requires smart, balanced policies that reward innovation as the purest engine of economic growth.

Agenda Summary: To drive growth and innovation through public-private investment in education, innovation, infrastructure, and reform:

Education: Reclaim our place as a global leader in education. Recruit, train, and retain a new generation of excellent teachers. Reform teacher accountability. Move the focus from STEM to STEAM, science, technology and creativity. Increase affordability and access to higher education while strengthening our K-12 system. Add entrepreneurial skills to school curricula and promote workforce development to help transition the U.S workforce into the new economy. Click here for more information.

Innovation: Become the world leader in R&D, technology and new products through funding, and private sector incentive programs. Encourage entrepreneurship by expanding Small Business Administration credit for start ups, and making changes in immigration policy that encourage entrepreneurs to come to America. Promote innovation by investing in the transition to a low carbon economy. Become the global leader in clean energy jobs, usage, and exports by creating private sector incentives and financing through a clean energy bank, and a national energy efficiency incentive plan. Click here for more information.

Infrastructure: Build long-term competitiveness and job growth through an infrastructure bank, expanded federally-backed bonds, and incentives for private industry to partner and invest in projects. Strengthen infrastructure by investing in broadband, data centers, and mobile cell towers, and improving access to spectrum for wireless applications. Click here for more information.

Reform: Reform our antiquated tax code to promote investment in American jobs and reduce income inequality, restore a living wage, repair the social safety net. Click here for more information.



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